Webinar Packages

Online certificate programs are offered as more in-depth trainings which go beyond the typical one-time webinar. Each program is individually designed to fit the subject matter and training requirements. Click on the following training areas to learn more and see available programs.

Max Sales Achievement Series


The Virtual Learning Academy consists of the core information that media representatives need to know about marking and selling in today’s complex and competitive environment. This media-specific, comprehensive series includes three programs designed to inform and inspire tenured and new media representatives. It is perfect for self-paced learning, as well as team training with group practice and interactive exercises.

The series comes complete with downloadable workbooks containing numerous communication examples and tips, worksheets and job aids. Learners are involved in practice exercises that can be shared with managers or in a group environment.

How does it work? Register using one of the below links to receive access to the course  materials and videos. The videos will instruct you to complete exercises and practice with team members. You then take these new skills and put them to work in the field to increase sales and revenue.

Progressive Prospecting: This important program provides a proven methodology for increasing sales by establishing a success-driven prospecting strategy. It also focuses on persuasive communication to generate opportunities and to keep the “doors open” even with the most challenging prospects. It addresses some of the most demanding aspects of sales, such as how to make numerous contacts to potential clients, selling special promotions, working with gatekeepers and addressing objections.

Multi-Media StrADegies That Sell: This powerful program begins by detailing the key principles of effective marketing, such as when to advertise and when to increase the budget to maximize ROI. It describes how to lead effective needs analysis meetings, which sets the stage for you to sell a broad buffet of your products. It also provides an easy method of acquiring the budget to reduce price objections. All of the information gained in this program is applied during the presentation stage to secure more business.

Powerful Presentations: Delivering compelling presentations–whether formal or casual–is the final step in sales success. This program provides a simple yet powerful, step-by-step approach to sharing solutions and ideas in a manner that lowers resistance and leads to “yes”. It explains how to make research meaningful, answer price objections and move beyond the perpetual stall.


Meeting Your Presenter: Kelly Wirges. For Over 25 years, Kelly has assisted companies increase sales and revenue in all facets of business. In 1993, she founded ProMax Training & Consulting Inc. ProMax develops practical, customized solutions that help companies retain, develop and align talent with business strategies. She has authorized over 50 training programs, has customized materials for hundreds of companies, and has helped over 200,000 ProMax alumni increase their success. Kelly understands the challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s competitive and complex environment. With this knowledge she prepares and shares practical techniques that can be put-to-work immediately for increased success.