40 Ads in 40 Minutes (ARCHIVE)

Feb 18, 2021 1:00PM—Feb 18, 2026 2:00PM

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Originally Recorded on February 18, 2021

In This Webinar..
Over the past few years, Bob has personally presented and sold hundreds of advertisers on major contracts. In this session, Bob shows you his top 40 “most likely to be sold and spend a lot of money” categories of prospects, along with the strategy behind each spec ad and overall presentation. After spending some time outlining the common parts of the sales process, Bob will move on to show a number of great prospects and how they were sold — 40 in 40 minutes!
A must for any publisher, ad director, or ad rep looking to identify their biggest opportunities and grow their territories quickly and dramatically.
About The Presenter: 
Bob McInnis is a 30-year veteran of the business side of the newspaper industry. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 1984, he got a job as a newspaper ad rep at his hometown’s weekly newspaper group.
He eventually served as ad director there and at a larger group of 10 quality community newspapers before being hired by 750,000 circulation Newsday/New York Newsday as their training manager, responsible for the training and support of over 100 ad reps.
He then launched his consulting practice and has spent the years since working with over 1,000 newspapers and newspaper associations throughout the world. While the variety of products have evolved over the years to include digital, the motivations behind why local businesses buy advertising has not, making the integration of paid digital—and even selling against social media—seamless.
McInnis teaches the latest techniques in digital lead generation, revenue generation, and marketing automation at Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business in New York City. He also speaks extensively about programmatic advertising. You can learn more at www.ads-on-line.com.