How to Use Data to Sell (Iowa Market Study) (ARCHIVE)

Dec 01, 2022 1:00PM—Dec 01, 2024 2:00PM



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Originally recorded on December 1, 2022

Learn the results of our Iowa market study and how to turn the data into dollars. Audience data, category-specific data…data drives just about every advertising sales conversation these days.
In this session: 
The Coda team takes you through the overall results of the Iowa statewide study commissioned by INA to show how the data can be used by your newspaper to have successful sales conversations. You’ll also learn how your newspaper can get customer data based on your circulation areas.
About the presenters:
Marianne Grogran is president and co-founder of Coda Ventures. Her primary focus is working with the Coda team and clients to deliver high-quality, innovation audience and ad effectiveness research to help companies sustain and grow revenue. Previously, she was co-founder of Affinity LLC which developed new and innovative audience and ad effectiveness metrics for the magazine industry. She has also held positions as President of Audits & Surveys, President of the IntelliQuest Media Group and SVP of Kantar/CMS’ Print Division.
Dave Storey is the senior vice president of key accounts at Coda. In this role, he collaborates with newspaper companies to assist in their sales and marketing efforts. He know that in today’s fragmented media environment, it is imperative to have current data to reinforce your media’s dominate digital and print footprint. Prior to working with Coda Ventures, he had a 36-year career in the newspaper industry.
Kris Maggard is the sales and marketing director for Customized Newspaper Advertising, where she oversees the Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s print and digital ad networks. Prior to joining CNA in 2021, she worked in community relations and publisher roles and served as an association executive. She also was previously the communications director for the Iowa Newspaper Association, parent company of Customized Newspaper Advertising.