Using Automation to Increase Audience Revenue and Engagement (ARCHIVE)

Jun 04, 2021 1:00PM—Jun 04, 2024 2:00PM

Cost $35

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Originally Recorded on June 4, 2021

In this webinar: 

With resources stretched thinner than ever, it’s never been more important for newsrooms to focus on automation, where possible. In this session, Matt describes some of the turnkey ways publishers are automating marketing and content creation on WordPress. He discusses the plugins used to create recurring subscriptions, automate newsletter marketing, and auto post article links to social media. Matt also presents case studies from publishers using computer generated audio content to automatically turn their newspaper into a podcast.

About Matt Larson:

Matt Larson is the President & CEO of and has proudly served the newspaper industry for 12 years. His company provides a WordPress-based platform that has been customized for newspapers to help them monetize their content online. Their mission is to help community newspapers develop digital business models with tools for better storytelling and more efficient local news production. Larson leads a monthly virtual conference series, where he interviews newspaper publishers from all over the country on how they are utilizing digital to connect with socially-distant readers. He is also the publisher of the “Our Hometown News”, a weekly blog and video/audio podcast series, which discusses tech tips, marketing strategy and industry news/events. You can reach him at