Selling Value When Price Is The Advertisers’ Only Focus (ARCHIVE)

Nov 30, 2023 1:00PM—Nov 30, 2026 2:00PM



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Originally recorded on November 30, 2023

About the webinar:

When price becomes the deciding factor on a sales call, we have messed up. In this class, Ryan helps define your differentiating factors and show you how to shift the conversation from price to benefit. Value is what the advertiser will get, and the price is what they will pay. Ryan also explains why selling everything on your media buffet is a bad idea. His approach to selling media like a fine dining experience has helped many reps go from good to great!

About the presenter: 

Ryan Dohrn is a top motivational speaker that won an Emmy for marketing excellence while working for ABC TV/Walt Disney Co. and was recognized by with the “Best of the Web” award for his business strategies. Dohrn’s focus is leadership training and team performance development. His passion for sales and marketing has given him the unique opportunity to touch half a billion dollars in revenue for companies in seven countries. Dohrn was one of the youngest managers in Walt Disney history. His management insights have been featured in USA Today and on CNN. Ryan is an internationally certified business coach, has trained over 30,000 professionals, and works monthly with companies in 15 business sectors.