Stop Running Scared. Digital is Not the Death of Print (ARCHIVE)

Feb 16, 2023 1:00PM—Feb 16, 2025 2:00PM



Cost $35.00

Originally recorded on February 16, 2023

About the webinar:
This webinar is like a comforting hot chocolate and a warm blanket for print sales
managers who shiver at the thought of digital stealing revenue from their print budgets. Many of
our partners are proving that these fears, with proper selling techniques and sales positioning,
are unfounded. Take it from a former AdCellerant partner (and digital sales rep) – this webinar
will warm your soul and alleviate your fears.
About the presenters: 

Ken Campbell is a Business Development Manager at AdCellerant. Ken is an experienced marketer with 25 years experience in publishing, direct mail, promotions, and B2B sales. Over the years, Ken has worked with over a thousand different businesses-developihng marketing plans both big and small – and acting as a trusted advisor to his clients. A former digital director for a multi-state newspaper group, Ken hired AdCellerant to explode the company’s digital revenues. In 2022 he joined AdCellerant to help connect publishers to this vast opportunity. Ken lives near Clemson, SC (Go Tigers!) with his wife of 28 years an their three children.

Steven Fern is a Director of Sales at AdCellerant after starting his marketing/advertising career at his college newspaper.  From there, he went straight to working at a large daily newspaper where he was introduced to solving customer needs with both print but also emerging digital products.  Today, he runs a team of account managers working directly with partners to continue serving businesses of all sizes by providing technology, customer service and marketing solutions to help drive business.