Syncing Print with Digital Subscribers

Oct 13, 2022 1:00PM—2:00PM



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In This Webinar: 

Subscribers are looking for a seamless user experience across platforms. Many newspaper publishers are focused on increasing digital usage for print subscribers and vice versa.

In this webinar, Matt Larson from Our Hometown will discuss some of the tools being used by newspaper publishers to increase digital usage for print subscribers and vice versa. He will focus on one new technology for syncing Naviga’s CircPro print subscribers with digital memberships on WordPress.

About the Presenter: 

Matt Larson is the president & CEO of and has proudly served the newspaper industry for 12 years. His company provides a WordPress-based platform that has been customized for newspapers to help them monetize their content online. Their mission is to help community newspapers develop digital business models with tools for better storytelling and more efficient local news production. Larson leads a monthly virtual conference series, where he interviews newspaper publishers from all over the country on how they are utilizing digital to connect with socially-distant readers. He is also the publisher of the “Our Hometown News,” a weekly blog and video/audio podcast series, which discusses tech tips, marketing strategy and industry news/events.