The Power of Spec Ads (ARCHIVE)

Aug 10, 2023 1:00PM—Aug 10, 2026 2:00PM



Cost $35.00

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Originally recorded on August 10, 2023

About the webinar:

Is producing a spec ad still worth the effort when you’re short on time and staff? Learn why the answer is always YES. This presentation shows how spec ads can streamline sales and production by improving communication between designers and sales reps, eliminating time-consuming revisions, and leveraging the most effective ad design techniques. You’ll also gain new sales and marketing insights with compelling data that illustrates the value of newspaper advertising to today’s local businesses. Use and share the tips and data from this webinar to help your publication create, sell and generate revenue more efficiently with spec ads!

About the presenter: 

Laura Koch is the senior graphic designer at Metro Creative Graphics. She holds a BA in Communication, but followed her artistic passion to start her career as a graphic designer for two newspapers in her hometown of Buffalo, NY. In 2008 she relocated to NYC and landed a graphic design position at Metro, a company she utilized in her previous design work at the Buffalo News. Laura has been with Metro for 12 years now, continually helping the company anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the newspaper industry. She has a great appreciation for what designers on a small staff with tight deadlines can create. Laura puts her passion for layout and design to work in producing ads, section covers, art headings, infographics and editorial layouts, which she hopes will inspire her fellow artists and give them a jumping-off point in their own designs.