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Return to Sales Basics (ARCHIVE)

May 12, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on May 12, 2011 In this webinar… Every sales organization is struggling to elevate their sales performance and results.  That challenge becomes greater every day as we add new products, require people to be multi-media experts, and try to sell in an ever-expanding competitive environment. This session outlines the steps each newspaper needs…

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Advertising is NOT Marketing! Tips For The Media Marketer (ARCHIVE)

Apr 28, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on April 28, 2016 In this webinar… When clients are working with you, they’re expecting a strong sales strategy that will help guide them to a healthier bottom line. In this session, marketing pro Stuart Arnold helps you understand the basic tools for creating an impactful strategy, messaging and marketing for your clients.…

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Media Generational Strategies: What Drives Your Customers (ARCHIVE)

Apr 18, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on April 18, 2019   In this webinar… Can your products hit a bulls-eye with each generation you choose to target: Millennials, GenX, Boomers, Silents? How is generational strategy different from demographic strategy? This webinar discusses two fundamental truths to explain the dramatic differences amongst the generations and the need for all newspapers…

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Train the Trainer: Creating Top-Notch Training Materials For Your Team (ARCHIVE)

Apr 08, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on April 8, 2016 In this webinar… Sales managers rarely have time to develop top-notch training materials. They are busy selling, managing and marketing. Training often gets pushed aside. The Local Media Association has developed a 14-week turnkey package that will arm sales managers with templates, presentation materials, guided conversation points, individual/group exercises,…

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Selling The Digital Value Proposition (ARCHIVE)

May 15, 2020 5:00PM—May 15, 2022 6:00PM

Originally recorded on May 15, 2014   In this webinar…: Many companies are now spending over a quarter of their marketing budget on digital pursuits. Are you and your sales staff prepared to sell online and capture the lion’s share of that revenue? This webinar, led by Allan Barmak, nationally renowned speaker and author of…

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