How to Sell the Value of Digital Without Overselling Your Client (ARCHIVE)

Sep 29, 2022 5:00PM—Sep 29, 2026 6:00PM

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Originally recorded on September 29, 2017

In this webinar…

Everyone sells digital. Everyone has similar portfolios. In order to differentiate, you’ll need to provide value beyond CTRs, CPMs and the like. In this webinar we’ll discuss how to:
• Simplify digital sales for the customer and your sales team
• Build a client-focused digital recommendation
• Measure the results of digital advertising in a way that matters to your client
• Retain and up-sell current campaigns
About the presenter: 
Craig Crile is the founder & CEO of Group C Digital Marketing + Consulting, a data-driven digital advertising firm in Des Moines. Crile has led sales teams for Gannett and worked on the front lines directing digital strategy and in the automotive and political advertising space for the past decade. He has led sales training for media companies like Saga Communications and advises clients of all sizes on how to evaluate their digital budgets based on data.