Media Generational Strategies: What Drives Your Customers (ARCHIVE)

Apr 18, 2022 5:00PM—Apr 18, 2026 6:00PM

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Originally recorded on April 18, 2019
In this webinar…
Can your products hit a bulls-eye with each generation you choose to target: Millennials, GenX, Boomers, Silents? How is generational strategy different from demographic strategy?
This webinar discusses two fundamental truths to explain the dramatic differences amongst the generations and the need for all newspapers to understand those differences.
Truth #1: Between birth and our early 20s, we form most of the core values and beliefs that we’ll embrace our entire lives.
Truth #2: The experiences and teachings of our Formative Years mold our core values that guide our consumer decisions.
Chuck Underwood helps you understand the unique values and attitudes that drive each generation’s unique consumer, career, and lifestyle decisions. The payoff: generational hot-buttons, plus generation-specific strategies and tactics to help you connect with your target generation(s).
About the presenter: 
As the founder and principal of Ohio-based The Generational Imperative, Inc., a generational business consultancy, Chuck Underwood trains American business, government, education, religion and all other sectors in a full list of generational strategies. Three decades of research and front-line application with an A-List of clients. His 2018 book, “America’s Generation in the Workplace, Marketplace and Living Room,” is the most comprehensive presentation of generational business strategies ever published.
Underwood spent his earlier career in the mass media of radio and television, first as an award-winning broadcast journalist and national sports play-by-play announcer, and then as a creator and producer of original programming.