Precision Journalism-Grammar, Structure, and Usage (ARCHIVE)

Apr 28, 2022 5:00PM—Apr 28, 2026 6:00PM

Cost 35.00

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Originally recorded on April 28, 2011
In this webinar…
–Have trouble with lie vs. lay and who vs. whom?
–Need a quick guide to healthy vs. healthful?
–Pronoun usage a problem?
–Is he shorter than she, or shorter than her?
If you write, or if you edit the writing of others, then this webinar and the accompanying materials are designed to make your life easier. We explore some grammar basics, such as correct pronoun usage, some typical pitfalls for reporters, and some ways to make your newspaper clean, correct, and cogent.
About the presenter: 
Barbara Mack is a professor at the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University. She is a graduate of St. Joseph Academy for Young Ladies, where she learned the correct use of predicates nominative, adjective and adverbial. She received a B.A. from ISU in 1974 and earned a J.D. from Drake University Law School in 1977. She is a member of the Iowa Bar Association and is the former General Counsel of The Des Moines Register and Tribune Company. She is a member and former president of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council. Mack teaches classes in media law, reporting and editing.