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Oct 14, 2022 12:00PM—Oct 14, 2024 1:00PM


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Mastering The Top 10 Critical Sales Questions:

We all know we need to ask questions to understand our client’s goals, but what are the best questions to ask? What questions make clients mad? What questions do Millennials hate? What questions are over-used and a waste of the clients’ time? Ryan Dohrn breaks down the 10 critical questions and explain the purpose behind each one in vivid detail. This is a mission-critical workshop for sales reps – even those that have been selling for years.


Warming Up Cold Calls:

In this webinar, 30 year veteran ad seller Ryan Dohrn shares his recent research that suggests warming up your clients before you cold call them. His research has shown a 40% increase in connections and successful meetings with these new techniques. This is a webinar he will not want to miss.


7 Ways To Get 25% More From Every Advertiser: Compare, Contrast, Close!

We’ve all heard it before… No budget. Or, we are moving in a different direction. So, how do you sell past these objections and get more ad dollars than ever before? Compare, consult and conquer! Ad sales advisor Ryan Dohrn shows you a daring and inventive way to ethically share what competitive advertisers are doing in the market to draw out money from those reluctant advertisers that give us the same lame excuses. COMPARE them to others in their category that are doing great. CONSULT with them on how to be bigger and better. Then, CONQUER the close by showing the advertiser how to dominate the companies they hate most… their competition. This is an advanced selling workshop that has received 5 stars from over 1,000 salespeople.


40 Ads in 40 Minutes

Over the past few years, Bob has personally presented and sold hundreds of advertisers on major contracts. In this session, Bob shows you his top 40 “most likely to be sold and spend a lot of money” categories of prospects, along with the strategy behind each spec ad and overall presentation. After spending some time outlining the common parts of the sales process, Bob will move on to show a number of great prospects and how they were sold — 40 in 40 minutes!

A must for any publisher, ad director, or ad rep looking to identify their biggest opportunities and grow their territories quickly and dramatically.