Successful Negotiating on Value Vs. Price (ARCHIVE)

Feb 24, 2017 5:00PM—Feb 24, 2026 6:00PM

Cost 35.00

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Originally recorded on February 24, 2017
In this webinar…
This program will be a fast –paced session focused on three key skills for you and your team:
• Negotiate smarter, not harder.
• Negotiate on value, not on price.
• Win More and Lose Less in Sales!
This webinar will be applicable to leaders and sellers, who must negotiate to close deals, renew contracts and achieve price increases.
This webinar will be an ALL MEAT; NO FAT.
Other Top Performers will be on this webinar. Should you?
About the presenter:
With over a decade dedicated to B2B selling and coaching, Daniel Grissom has a proven track record of igniting sales growth. He is a world-class communicator, able to connect and collaborate with all types of people – from sellers to leaders, from sales to operations and from Africa to Asia. He has already helped many of the world’s top companies improve their sales effectiveness. He is the author of STEP UP – How to Win More and Lose Less in Business and his forthcoming book THE DEAL CLOSERS – How to Win, More, Faster in Sales.