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Creating Web Ads That Sell…The Little Known “Secrets” To Success (ARCHIVE)

Jan 26, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on January 26, 2012 In this webinar… Linking Web ads to the advertiser’s website is not just a good idea nad how to correct it. Which three headlines work best–and which don’t. How to design small-space ads to attract hordes of “clicks”. How to make more money for your newspaper by understanding the…

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10 Ways for Newsrooms to Get the Most Out of Their Digital Products (ARCHIVE)

Jan 21, 2022 1:00PM—2:00PM

Originally recorded on January 21, 2021 In this webinar…: When it comes to evaluating what real-time analytics platform to use or what social media publishing tool, most newsrooms are at a loss on where to start. From vetting vendors to agreeing on key features to negotiating price, the process can be overwhelming. And even if…

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Google Analytics: Finding and Reading The Data (ARCHIVE)

Jan 21, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on January 21, 2016 In this webinar… We all know how important our website’s analytics are, but they’re of no use to us if we can’t read the numbers or find where they are. In this webinar, GateHouse Media Data Analyst Sherri Horton will explain where to find your basic site metrics and…

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What Every Employer Should Know About Union Organization (ARCHIVE)

Jan 19, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on January 19, 2017   In this webinar… Program geared for management and supervisors.   About the presenter: Michael Zinser is president of The Zinser Law Firm, P.C., in Nashville, Tenn. His firm represents more than 250 newspapers. He is general counsel to seven circulation trade associations, including Central States Circulation Managers’ Association.…

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Newsroom Safety and Security (ARCHIVE)

Jan 17, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on January 17, 2019   In this webinar… Since the Capital Gazette shooting in June 2018, newsroom employees have wondered if they are safe in their workplace. We’ll go over personal safety tips and security information to ensure you’re informed.   About the presenter:  Jean Hodges is the senior director of content for…

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A Crash Course to Fact-Checking Journalism: Just In Time For Election Season (ARCHIVE)

Jan 15, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on January 15, 2016 In this webinar… For those journalists covering elections, that means one thing: A lot of fact-checking. Join Jane Elizabeth of the American Press Institute for an introduction on accountability and fact-checking journalism. During this webinar, you’ll learn how fact-checking journalism is different than “regular” reporting and how to identify…

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Instant Sales: Six Step Proven Process (ARCHIVE)

Jan 14, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on January 14, 2016 In this webinar… Let’s face it, nothing happens until you get in front of the prospect or customer, either by phone, conference call, webinar or face to face. The biggest challenge that all salespeople face in the 21st Century is getting the prospect’s attention. One isn’t born knowing how…

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Classifieds 2017: Feast or Famine (ARCHIVE)

Jan 13, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on January 13, 2017   In this webinar… Is 2017 a Great Unknown or do we now have CLUES in order to prepare for a GIANT classified windfall? 1. JOBS: Will construction infrastructure programs pass and fill each state with loads of blue collar jobs which LOVE newspaper Classifieds? Will you be ready…

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50 Ideas In 50 Minutes (ARCHIVE)

Jan 12, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Originally recorded on January 12, 2017   In this webinar…: This webinar offers up creative ideas you can start working on in your newsroom immediately. This is fast-paced, and includes references to the original stories as well as some great techniques to help you can execute these stories in newsrooms of all sizes.   About…

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Making Video Work In Your Newsroom (ARCHIVE)

Jan 12, 2022 5:00PM—6:00PM

Orginally recorded on January 12, 2018   In this webinar… It’s not easy to keep video in the forefront of your newsroom strategy. As an editor, how do you keep the focus on adding video, and what topics are better than others? And as a reporter, how do you produce quick-hit videos getting the best…

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